Jennifer Lawrence in Miss Dior Handbag Campaign 2013

I’m usually pretty good at keeping up with the latest trends and researching recent fashion news, but I have to confess, lately I have not been doing my homework! The start of 2013 has pasted in a blur and it is already the beginning of March, but I have now vowed to stay on top of my online research!  In the […]

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Recycled Fashion

The world, especially England, have been big on recycling for many years and has spread like a virus to all other industries. The fashion industry is going recycling crazy this year with brands such as Fendi, Urbandon and even pop star has teamed up with Coca-Cola to produce a recycled fashion line, with brands such as Levi’s New Era […]

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Miss Matilda’s Boutique Online Offer!

Get 25% off ALL CLOTHES AND SHOES at Miss Matilda’s Boutique online at ! I’m advertising this offer on behalf of the lovely Emma who owns the charming online boutique! Take a look at the website, it has some lovely items on there and now you will get 25% off whatever you choose! Offer ends SUNDAY 28th of October! So look now! […]

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Fifty Shades of Grey

As every person who walks this earth knows the Fifty Shades trilogy has taken the world by storm! Nearly every woman I know has either read it or in the process of reading it. Having completed the trilogy myself not so long ago I found the books hard to put down. Pretty much being every woman’s fantasy (maybe minus a […]

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Atelier Versace Fall Winter 2012-2013

Versace does not disappoint this year with its new winter collection held at the Ritz in Paris. I can honestly say I have not been wowed lately when it comes to new designer collections but the new Versace range is right up my street! I love the colour palette and the prints are just exquisite! The combination of the short […]

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Miss Matilda’s Boutique, Preston

Through a project at uni I had to discover small businesses in the area of Preston for various advertising purposes. Just off the main shopping strip in Preston down a cobbled side street, I found a lovely little boutique named Miss Matilda’s which is an independent shop that sells ladies clothes, shoes, accessories and gifts. I can honestly say it […]

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